Bad Griesbach Thermal Springs

It is at the Bad Griesbach’s thermal springs not only hot water, but also very mineral springs (sodium fluorid, iodide, sulfur, magnesium, silica, to name just a few). All three mineral spas are “alkaline fluoride Natriumchloridcarbonatwater”. The Nicholas source has the highest fluoride content in Europ, so it is recommended for Osteporose, the bone loss. These alkaline water have acid-binding activity and are therefore recommended for stomach problems, heartburn, increased uric acid (gout) and other metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

As also in inflammatory rheumatic diseases acidosis in tissues and joints is present here also recommends drinking cure. The renal excretion of water activity and thus is stimulated. By the magnesium and sulfur, and the digestion is promoted. Due to the alkaline pH and the magnesium content, it soothes nervousness.

We recommend that during your stay in Bad Griesbach, 0.5 to 0.75 l Griesbacher source daily – throughout the day – to drink.

In one application lasts up to 4 weeks, the Bad Griesbach drinking treatment is completely safe.

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