Bad Griesbach has a good offer for all hikers: 150 km hiking route around Bad Griesbach, Karpfham, Weng Cathedral and St. Reutern that leads through the picturesque landscape of the Rott Valley .

There are countless hiking suggestions, guided in part. Some of the trails are devoted to specific topics, such as:

  • the nature trail – with lots of information about the nature Rottal
  • the Landwirtschaftweg – Facts and information about local farming and animal husbandry
  • the Emmausweg – is a section of the pilgrimage routes ”Via Nova” and ”Camino de Santiago“

Wandernadel of Bad Griesbach

The Walk around Bad Griesbach is often rewarded. You can earn up to 64 points on eight different marked routes. It takes 18 points to get the bronze Wandernadel (hiking award). You will receive the stamp cards with directions at the spa.

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